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When a child takes the role the hypnotist John Milton.
    tematica: Humor
This video is already a bit old but is very funny and we seemed to place around here again. There is a number of Mexican hypnotist John Milton in which hypnotizes a nice boy named Fernando Almaguer, who ultimately becomes the protagonist on stage.
Tags: John Milton - Fernando Almaguer - Niño hipnotizado en show de John Milton Divertido
Tremendous disgust of a child who does not want to be a goalkeeper.
    tematica: Humor
The video of the disgust of a child who does not want to remain a soccer goalkeeper and has become viral on the Internet. The boy cries disconsolately because he is bored playing and the ball never reaches him. And to top it all they put a goal in a pipe. He will definitely be combining his position with the striker.
Tags: Niño portero - Un gol en caño me metieron - Tobías Mendoza Arquero
When you get with a girl and appears their hero to save her.
    tematica: Humor
This is what happens when you show as an abuse of a beautiful and fragile lady, at the end there appears to defend their unsung hero and put things in place. You should pick on someone your own size or you can have serious problems.
Tags: Mini heroe - Little hero - Brave Kid Saves Little Girl s Life
When a nice look makes you the boss of the Internet. Like a boss.
    tematica: Humor
Sammy DiDonato became Internet sensation this game intense looks he had with the camera during a baseball game of the College World Series. The boy steals the show with its nice faces, and the little dance with his mom. Who said that baseball is boring? After this joke, they have interviewed almost all televisions in the country.
Tags: Sammy DiDonato - Like a boss - Kid has stare down with College World Series camera, becomes Internet sensation
Cecilia cries inconsolably because she has no husband.
    tematica: Humor
Cecilia 5 years wants a husband and wants it now. The video has become viral on the Internet when mom asks her daughter crying and this explains desperately need a husband. The little Brazilian is very clear about what you want at this time, a small husband to accompany her as does her father with her mother.
Tags: Cecilia quiere marido - Niña marido - Esta niña llora porque no tiene marido
Take me Home. Adopting a dog. Short.
    tematica: Cinema
This girl goes to a shelter dog with the intention you take one of them. A dark fur puppy without much appeal hopes to be chosen to accompany the child home but it is unclear if that will happen. It is a poignant short Nair Archawattana. The idea is to educate all those people who go out to buy a dog there are thousands of beautiful animals wanting to take them to a nurturing home.
Tags: Llevame a casa - corto perro adoptado - CGI Animated Short HD: "Take Me Home" by Nair Archawattana
Children with cerebral palsy sings the song Que Bonito of Rosario Flores. Great.
    tematica: Music
It is really exciting to see the talent that you have to sing this child, Adrian Martin Vega, who suffers from neurological problems. This does not prevent him singing with a feeling the incredible song Que Bonito, of Rosario Flores. A shot of optimism for all people living with an occasion such as this. Scenes as straightforward as this and that fill both when you see them. His sister also sings great, of course. Art pure flamenco. Like a boss.
Tags: Niño paralisis Que bonito - Adrian Martin Vega - Niño con paralisis cantando por Rosario flores Que bonito - La Magia de la Musica
The Paper Architect. Great Short.
    tematica: Cinema
The Paper Architect is a short animation with effect combining projection and paper figures. A dramatic play of light and shadow creates a dramatic effect and features an original story. A dancer, a boy, butterflies ... a brilliant short Davy and Kristin McGuire.
Tags: The Paper Architect - Davy and Kristin McGuire - corto genial
Paperman. Great Disney short.
    tematica: Cinema
Full short Buenisimo Walt Disney Animation Studios, directed by John Kahrs, a serious candidate for the Oscar, which mixes traditional hand drawings with computer reallizados.
Tags: Paperman - Genial corto de Disney - Paperman - Full Animated Short Film
The bear and the hare. The beautiful Christmas advert John Lewis 2103 .
    tematica: Children
Each year John Lewis brings his traditional Christmas ad, one of the most anticipated. This time tells the story of a bear that hibernates and no year can enjoy Christmas with her friend the hare. This time will be different.
Tags: El oso y la liebre - Navidad de John Lewis 2103 - The bear and the hare

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