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Golden Touch. Place your finger in the center of the screen and see what happens. Great.
    tematica: Others
Before putting up the video that you remember to select full screen. Place your finger on the dot in the center of the screen and hold it there, its great. This is a video clip of the Japanese singer Namie Amuro, that is revolutionizing the Internet. The video is a work of PARTY NY and directed by creative director Masashi Kawamura, and has already won several awards. The effect achieved with simulations is truly spectacular.
Tags: Golden Touch - dedo en pantalla - 安室奈美恵 / 「Golden Touch」 (from New Album「_genic」)
Find their children in this way and is unable to scold.
    tematica: Humor
Imagine back to your house and find your kids in this situation. This man is scold but can not stop laughing and you can not punish them. They seem to have bundled a good but do not tell me you are not sympathetic.
Tags: niños traviesos - naughty children - Kids play with paint a get it all over their faces
Very good!!! 5-Year-old child ridicules the Sony Xperia on a TV program.
    tematica: Humor
Part of Justin Bieber is simply pathetic, so you can go to 1.40 minute. Arden Hayes is a five year old boy who is a prodigy in geography. He was invited to the Jimmy Kimmel television show and I was impressed all with her grace and talent. But best of all came at the end when they give you a tablet Sony Xperia.
Tags: Buenisimo!!!! Niño de 5 años ridiculiza la Sony Xperia en un programa de TV - Arden Hayes, 5-Year-old child ridicules the Sony Xperia on a TV program - Niño genio rechaza una tablet y se queda con un rompecabezas (English sub)
The child more sweet in the world arguing with his mother. VERY GOO!!!
    tematica: Humor
This beautiful baby has stolen the hearts of millions of people online. 3 years Mateo argues with his mom because he wants to eat some cakes. Her name is Linda and has already said he can not eat the cake. Look at that sweet Mateo presents its case to his mother. Mateo says the reasons are a little inconsistent but have revolutionized Internet. The small claims trading has been doing so because his dad and Linda, his mom.
Tags: bebe mas bello del mundo - Mateo pasteles - 3-Años Mateo - El niño de los pasteles (Subtitulado Español)
Dad can not have a girlfriend.
    tematica: Humor
Listen to this sympathetic little girl, sets out the reasons why your dad should not have a girlfriend. She is everything your dad needs. Another different thing when asked by his mother, the situation is different for her. The small is very clear, Daddy, you Can not you have a girlfriend.
Tags: papa sin novia - niña y papa novia - EL PAPA PUEDE O NO TENER NOVIA ?
Take me Home. Adopting a dog. Short.
    tematica: Cinema
This girl goes to a shelter dog with the intention you take one of them. A dark fur puppy without much appeal hopes to be chosen to accompany the child home but it is unclear if that will happen. It is a poignant short Nair Archawattana. The idea is to educate all those people who go out to buy a dog there are thousands of beautiful animals wanting to take them to a nurturing home.
Tags: Llevame a casa - corto perro adoptado - CGI Animated Short HD: "Take Me Home" by Nair Archawattana
Diaz limpiéis not this blood. (Released May 10)
    tematica: Cinema
descripcion: - In 2001, the last day of the G8 meeting in Genoa, just before midnight, more than 300 police raided the Diaz School looking for protesters.
Tags: Díaz, no limpiéis esta sangre. (Estreno 10 de Mayo) - Diaz limpiéis not this blood. - Trailer doblado al español
Children with cerebral palsy sings the song Que Bonito of Rosario Flores. Great.
    tematica: Music
It is really exciting to see the talent that you have to sing this child, Adrian Martin Vega, who suffers from neurological problems. This does not prevent him singing with a feeling the incredible song Que Bonito, of Rosario Flores. A shot of optimism for all people living with an occasion such as this. Scenes as straightforward as this and that fill both when you see them. His sister also sings great, of course. Art pure flamenco. Like a boss.
Tags: Niño paralisis Que bonito - Adrian Martin Vega - Niño con paralisis cantando por Rosario flores Que bonito - La Magia de la Musica
Russians who help people more weak.
    tematica: Others
Almost always we see videos of Russians committing gross actions. Once more we like to show a collection of videos showing that also many people with good heart to help people more weak in their problems.
Tags: Desde Rusia con amor - Russians who help people more weak - From Russia with Love / Restoring Faith in Humanity
Amazing life lesson two homeless in a humiliating proposal.
    tematica: Others
You start to watch the video with the feeling that some stupid guys make a humiliating proposal two beggars. They face off in a competition for a prize of $ 100 for them is a treasure. What is not expected is the outcome of the story and the lesson they receive from these two people who have nothing. Again the most humble people show us that there is still hope that in the world.
Tags: leccion de vida - emocionante - Pulseadas Entre Mendigos

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